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Situation center

On the basis of the organization, a situational center was created for companies facing difficulties in foreign trade. The Situation Center is a cross-functional subdivision of the Center, created on the initiative of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade for companies facing difficulties in foreign trade. The activity of the situational center is carried out in 4 directions:


The Center has selected a pool of logistics companies that will help resolve the issues that have arisen:

  • refusal of a foreign carrier to deliver cargo to the Russian Federation
  • cargo delay in a foreign port
  • Difficulties in finding a carrier

Search for new markets

Advice on maintaining established supply chains in the event of market loss and assistance in finding alternative buyers of Russian products

Purchase of foreign equipment

Assistance with the purchase and delivery of equipment and components to Russia in case of refusal of manufacturers to ship goods to the Russian Federation, with the search for analogues of goods

Cross-border payments

Advising on the choice of banks for conducting a transaction, selection of an intermediary in particularly difficult cases

Contacts of the Situation Center: