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Preparation of marketing research in relation to the products of regional enterprises -

The Foreign Trade Center provides services for identifying new export markets for Russian manufacturers of export-oriented products.

Research is carried out on the basis of statistical data on the production and consumption of goods from official Russian and foreign sources. The Center's experts are proficient in forecasting the volume of demand for various types of products in the short and long term, taking into account competition in world markets. Demand trends are analyzed on the basis of forecasts for the development of the main consumer sectors of your products.

As a result of the study of potential sales markets, you will receive information about the structural parameters of the markets, as well as existing barriers to exporting your products. Our assessment of potential export markets is based on the economic feasibility of your company entering them.

The content of the study is established through the conclusion of an individual technical assignment.

Benefits you get

Performance of work on an individual task, taking into account the needs of the company
Providing detailed research with references to authoritative sources
High quality services from experienced experts

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