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Selection of potential foreign trade partners for enterprises in the region -

The experts of the Center for Foreign Trade have the necessary competencies to build effective communications with foreign partners. To achieve the best result, a specialist of the Center is assigned to your company, who leads your project from beginning to end.

At the preparatory stage, an exporter's profile is compiled, which contains general information about your company, product characteristics, background information on export deliveries already being made (if any). Based on this profile, as well as an assessment of the export potential of your company, a target group is formed in each specific country.

At the next stage, the center's specialist conducts negotiations and also conducts electronic correspondence with potential foreign partners on behalf of your company. As a final result, you will receive a database of potential partners in each country and for each type of product, including a summary of the potential partner, contact details, information about the person responsible for procurement / hiring contractors, and information about analogues of your products purchased by him currently.

Benefits you get

Performance of work on an individual task, taking into account the needs of the company
Providing detailed research with references to authoritative sources
High quality services from experienced experts

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